Your personalized allergy app

If you’re affected by pollen from grass, trees or weeds, klarify can help you track your hay fever symptoms so you can manage your day.

Get daily pollen, weather and air quality data, together with a 3-day forecast. Receive personalized allergy insights, discover daily tips and more useful features.

klarify is a free app with no ads. Download it here:

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klarify was born in 2018 to find new ways of helping people with allergy manage their condition. That’s why we came up with this hay fever app.

Quick, easy and accurate allergy insights

klarify gives you location-based pollen, weather and air quality forecasts. You can also check the allergy calendar to see low and peak pollen seasons. Regularly log how you feel your hay fever is affecting you to get personalized insights. And learn about your hay fever triggers, such as grass, weeds and trees.

Our app makes life with allergies surprisingly simple

Get reliable data about pollen, air quality and air pollution and find relevant allergy information you can trust. Discover how to take better care of your allergy, learn about treatment options and much more.

All of this at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it.

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The klarify team

klarify app: the smart way to manage your allergies